My name is Efraim Franco. I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based out of Dallas/Fort Worth. Graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BFA in Visual Communications, May 2016.
After graduating I took a In-house Graphic Design position at Jack Mason. A fast growing watch brand based in Dallas, TX. As the sole designer for this brand I was in charge of the everyday branding of the company from emails, advertising, and collateral among other things. Being a small company I was even dabbled in photography and video.
Since getting into design, my passion for it just keeps growing every day. I find that design is the funnest and most exciting field, because it keeps growing and changing with time. I am excited to continue my career as a designer to grow and improve my craft.
When i am not designing or sketching, its usually because i’m eating. I love a good slice of pizza or some good BBQ. I also enjoy going on a run, reading comics and manga, or watching a good show or movie.
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